Motivated To Dream Tour 2015

Casey Marshall has Created Motivated to Dream/Motivated To Dream Tour. 2014 Casey has Spoken to 6 universities and 4 City College, on Supporting Dreams, and Inspiring/Teaching Different Techniques on Independent thinking. Casey truly believe on building a strong foundation for Dreamers, and people who want to connect to their higher self. Motivated To Dream Tour 2015 has kicked off with Nevada university, The University of Utah, Utah State, The University of Colorado boulder, Colorado State, etc the mission is to New Your University. this tour has been solely powered by the people. please take the moment to checkout the tour either by Google Motivated To Dream Tour 2015, IG CaseyMarshall_1 twitter Motivated2dream facebook Motivated to dream.


I feel if you w…

I feel if you work a full day of work at the end of the day you should get paid, not at the end of the week or next week and for some at the end of the month.. its my money I earned it so pay me. our at lease give me the option.

BYOB. This world is so use to getting paid by the system format