I Love and Respect all People and thier points of views


Once you Figure out what you are after in life and who you are, you will understand its better just to love all people and respect their points of views.

I don’t think I will ever battle someone on what the know even though I might get a kick out of it if I do lol, it is really up to me to say ok if he/she is right or wrong what good can I get out of this conversation that may help me..

What I would do is find a common ground to grow on in a conversation that could lead to a opening of empowering and inspiration rather its music, art, History, Cooking, etc, and just support that person on becoming the best them they can become.

People fail to realize not everyone think alike and that we are all different and come from different backgrounds, I personally like to empower people on different ways of thinking, like people who don’t like rap music, me personally would never waste that much energy on things I don’t like I except it as it is and continue to build on what is great about rap music, Like rappers are very good Entrepreneurs who are living their dreams (Positive). the problem you see is never the problem, the problem is always behind the scene and it starts with thinking.  

Thank you All

Casey Marshall Enterprise