College don’t t…

College don’t teach students about money or how to get rich, they teach you how to make $42.000 a year rather than $42.000 a month, college keep the world going round but dreams and ideas elevate the world to go round, Steve Jobs, henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, and the list can go on, My favored Quote is ” Use School Don’t Let School use You ” I am on a mission to teach students how to be successful without college, then the EbT card would not be a issue with most college students. Your story is the true reason, I fight everyday to help people see the higher success mentality starts from within, from your house hold growing up, but very few parents teach there children about Higher success and how to develop there dreams and ideas to become successful, because there parents never taught them, there is a reason only 1% get more than enough money they understand the system of America while everybody else Finance there homes and cars, they are able to buy with cash, why because they change they way they think, and not let school/college think for them. I love education, but education is really free just go to the college library. these degrees they give out with a price tag of a certain amount of money you can make is ridiculous and depressing, and in order to make more money you need another degree, smH, I grew up poor never understood why my mother was on foodstamps but now I understand why, my parent was never taught how to reach for higher success and how to turn there dreams and ideas into millions.


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