They Key to lif…

They Key to life is Giving back the Information and wisdom you have learned to the next Generation.

Practice Gratitude


5 thoughts on “They Key to lif…

  1. I have an 11 year old son. I’m teaching him all about gratitude, the power of positive thinking, thoughts become things, karma, etc. now. I don’t want him to be learning it at 35. I figure if I teach him NOW, he’ll have a more enlightened life than I. And at 11, he’s very eager to learn, which makes me proud to call myself his mother.

    • Remember you are the Inspiration that leads the next generation and your doing a splendid job with teach your child Gratitude, and its ok if he has to learn it a 35 lol the key is that he learn it and apply it.. 🙂

      • True. However, I have learned SO MUCH over the last year about gratitude, as well as what you put out is what you get back. I wish I had learned these things a long time ago because my life has become so much better now that I actually apply these things. I don’t look at it as wasted time, but the past 35 years have been a series of repeated mistakes and negativity. I want my son to feel as enlightened as I do at 11 years old. He may not fully understand it all just yet, but I’m happy that he’s eager to learn and apply these things in his life. He sees for himself how when you do good, good things happen AND if you do bad, bad things happen. Just feeling very blessed I guess.

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