The Catch of life for Poverty and Middle Class Familes by Casey Marsall

The Catch of life: this how it goes majority of parents never taught their children how to reach for a higher success, because they were never taught by their parents. 2. therefore the children fall right in line with majority of the rest of the child who only sees life as is day to day with no higher expectatio0ns on life rather then school and playing and family. 3. by the time middle school and high school come around it is said just do good in school so you can get a good job and go to college. 4. by this time the parents never teaches the kid about the true value of money, saving, and how to become a leader. 5. the teens choices after graduation is College or the Working world. 5. college don’t teach you about money and how to use your higher faculty of thinking to succeed at a higher level in life, college teach you the basic of how to involve into the working world with a 9 to 5 mindset and teaching students its ok to be in debt because pretty soon you will pay it off with the job you receive with your degree. who in the hell gives a 18 year college kid credit, and loans. 6. Graduation has arrived and 75% of the class still don’t have a clue on who the hell they are, but happy they can finally work on something they like. 7. between the ages of 25 and 30 some college grads go back to school to get another degree, some work in a area of work they degree plays no part in. 8. Majority of the grads start families, finance homes and cars, get married, 9, Majority still have no clue about higher faculty of thinking and higher success, and knowing who they truly are in life. 10. Religion and Spirituality start playing a major role to help figure out who they are and there purpose in life. 11. by this time most man and women are mentally and physically unhappy about what life have to offer.12. by the age of 25 to 30, 15% of people finally realize who they are, their own philosophy for there Spiritual journey in life and Mastering themselves with one skill using the higher thinking faculty to develop, there ideas, dreams and Success. 13.the other 85% by this time most man and women are mentally and physically unhappy about what life had to offer and most have settled and most to far in debt to look for a different way out so they just maintain until they start understand its really up to them to make the decision to better themselves. 14. And out of the 85% the few that want to better themselves and follow their dreams have a hard-time dealing with society do’s and don’ts material objects and the fast life the give up. 15. But the very few that stick to their higher success plan, thinking and goals and spirituality become the 15% who make life what they wanted it to be.
I say this because I was apart of the 85% group at the age of 29 who finally realize who I was, and how important having and using your higher faculty of thought to help develop my ideas, dreams and mastering Myself, through my spirituality Philosophy, it was easy to maintain my life with the rest of the 85% group because we pretty thought the same using our lower faculty to give us just a good enough reason to maintain in life, until I realize how important reading the greats who have used their higher faculty of thinking to produce a higher impact for themselves and the people around them to create wealth, happiness within self, wisdom, and a deeper connection with the God within us. Some of the great names, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Zig zigler, James allen, William James, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, and more, I cannot say how important it is to have a Coach/role model or a person of inspiration and motivation to be apart of your life and if you cant afford one at lease read their books.

Thanks Casey Marshall, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Writer/Visionaire. God Gives us Infinite and people still settle for less.


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