Are you in the system? Are you under paid? Do you have a Credit Card? B.Y.O.B.


B.Y.O.B  BE. Your. Own. Boss

Maybe iam crazy but, i don’t get working for someone under paid, to voice your opinion you have to go to corporate or a Union, your boss is simple not a boss but a follower to the rules corporate makes, holiday pay and a vacation is like Gold, a rise or promotion depends on there values or how long you worked for company, $30k-$80k is like the greatest gift ever, Loans on everything you want to own, My question is for what just to live or maybe just to be apart of Society? SMH You will never build Wealth in that kinda System, its not like you can pass your Good Credit down to your Kids. i pray i woke someone up out of Zombie World.


Casey Marshall Enterprise




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