The UnltraMind Solution

The UltraMind SolutionMark Hyman, M.D.Founder and Medical DirectorThe UltraWellness® Center, Lenox, MAThe most important medical discovery of our lifetime is also the biggest secret.This secret reveals the REAL reasons we are sick and why we suffer from an epidemic of brain problems……everything from depression to dementia, from anxiety to autism, from memory problems to mood swings and from brain fog to trouble concentrating.In fact, we’re in the middle of the greatest medical revolution of the last 100 years – it’s the medical equivalent to Columbus saying the world was round, not flat.And this revolution shows us that there IS hope……hope for our children with ADD, autism and Asperger’s, who have problems concentrating, staying focused and controlling their behaviors……hope for our aging parents, who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and whose lives are quietly slipping away……hope for those of us who suffer from depression, anxiety and brain fog and have problems remembering things and dealing with stress and mood swings.What if you were told that the way you think about disease, mental illness and your brain aging actually has NOTHING to do with how your body actually works?The secret you’re about to learn is this…your mood and memory problems, your trouble focusing,


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