Russel Simmons Speaking on the Arsenal Hall Show

. Promoting his new book Success throught Stillness, We all no him as UncleRush speaks on life, Hip-Hop, Meditation, and Smoking Weed.

And this was my input on how Russell Simmons Helped me see the Spiritual Light i have inside myself

“Russell Simmons is one guy that will help you Empower yourself no matter what kind of condition you might be in life. In 2011 I was all off balance in life, didn’t trust religion, college wasn’t for me during that time, I needed a major change in my life, I attend churches but I still wasn’t able to get the answer I was looking for, so I started to really opening my eyes up to books and reading, I remember someone once told me if your ever looking for the truth about life you have to open a book that the school system don’t teach. so long story, short, I started waking up ever morning at 6am when Barnes and nobles open, and on this day Russell Simmons book had just came out Super Rich, you know me young black male why not read a book about becoming reach, but I kid you not about the 3 chapter into the book I was glued, and it seem like my life some how shifted within mins, I tweeted Russell that same day like iam reading Super Rich in Barnes and Nobles and I cant put it down, I never thought Russell would have retweet my message to his whole audience, but the book wasn’t about becoming reach as in material, but more as Spiritual, something I had no clue on how to connect to, he taught me the yoga community is a very Spiritual place for freedom, How to thank outside the box, its ok not to be Religious and still be connected to God from within, he taught me all Religion share the same Foundation which is in the bible Galatians 5,22:23 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law, Russell also taught me was to always be who you are, and the world love people who works hard, with all this said sometimes we all need to hear that ok to do something in life that might be different and Russell was my ok. Thanks a million @UncleRush.Casey MarshallCEO of C.M.E.


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